UnitedHealth Group Free Arts Day

Author Sara Sternberger

Posted June 19, 2015

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UnitedHealth Group hosted their fourth Free Arts Day, this time at Southside Village Boys & Girls Club.  Our theme was “Calm Bodies, Calm Minds,” which explored the connection between mental and physical health, and taking care of yourself by keeping your body calm and safe. Youth and their art pals worked on creating projects such as pinwheels, edible peanut butter play dough, bubble wrap paintings, and zen tangles. In addition to our art projects,  our interactive artist, Alissa Paris led the youth and art pals through a hop-hop dance activity. For more photos, check out our facebook page!

If you or your company would like to host a Free Arts Day for our youth, visit our Free Arts Day page or contact Courtney for more information at Courtney@freeartsminnesota.org or 612.824.2787.

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