Healthy Minds and Bodies

Author Sara Sternberger

Posted May 28, 2014

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With many thanks to a grant provided by the B&H Way Foundation, Free Arts Minnesota was able to bring the youth we serve an arts-based educational program designed to build the skill snecessary to attain a healthy mind and body.


We coordinated with local restaurants, community farms, chefs, fitness instructors and organic grocery stores to provide six weeks of creative and educational classes to the youth we serve. This program reached over 1,000 youth in Minnesota between the ages of 5 and 18.

I Grow

“The kids ate the food and were very excited to try all of the ingredients, as we went through the cooking lesson, the kids were able to practice and learn new etiquette for cooking, like how to hold utensils and what’s appropriate for temperatures and… There was a lot of laughs and eating, it was a fantastic night for involvement and connections among the kids and volunteers.”

– Volunteer mentor at St. Joe’s Theresa

I Thrive

“The youth shared what they had practiced at home after our first week, a number had tried our exact recipes and others had researched information. They seemed excited to try new things and wanted to share with their families.”

– Amanda Sue Watson, Health and Wellness Instructor

Program Goals

  • Teach basic cooking skills taht will influence the way youth eat at home
  • Instill a basic knowledge about nutrition facts.
  • Demonstrate how to eat well on a budget.
  • Show youth where food comes from and how to grow it.
  • Share the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.
  • Demonstrate how to cook with fresh produce.
  • Demonstrate how to prepare healthy snacks and meals that are easy to prepare.
  • Inform youth about the variety of careers in the culinary arts.

Program Numbers

  • 6 weeks of specialized curriculum centered on the arts, and physical/mental health.
  • 200+ volunteer all of whom act as positive adult mentors to the youth we serve.
  • 1,000+ youth from ages 5-18, all throughout the twin cities.
  • 28 partner organizations such as residential treatment centers, homeless shelters, recreation centers & after-school programs.
  • 17 guest chefs from local restaurants, culinary schools and health & wellness organizations.
  • 10 guest movement instructors from local yoga, dance and fitness studios.