For Erinn, being part of Free Arts doesn’t stop at being a weekly mentor. She is also a board member, chair of Art Heals! Breakfast and gives even more time as an Art Pal at Free Arts Days.

Erinn is a mentor because she believes in the mission. “Something is missing from these kids’ lives. Free Arts allows them to be creative without boundaries.”

Inspiring Others

Because of Erinn’s dedication to the Free Arts mission, her siblings, Elsa and Ethan were inspired to become weekly mentors in 2011. The three of them brought encouragement, stability and fun every week to the youth at St. Anne’s Place. Volunteering as a family has enabled the siblings to deepen their connection with their mentees – the kids feel welcomed into Erinn’s family and are able to open up and share more through their art.

“Because of Erinn’s dedication to the Free Arts mission,  her siblings, Elsa and Ethan were inspired to become weekly mentors in 2011.”


Family Connection

In 2011, Elsa brought her skills and artistic vision to Free Arts by becoming a weekly mentor, donating her own artwork to Art Incognito, an annual silent auction event benefiting Free Arts, and volunteering her time to be on the planning committee for Free Arts Art Heals! Breakfast. Art is a big part of Elsa’s life and has helped her get through difficult times in her life, so it is important to her to use art and creative expression to build powerful relationships with the kids in her mentor group at St. Anne’s.

Ethan also began mentoring in 2011 at St. Anne’s Place. “It is incredible how much confidence they gain from simple projects and how proud they are of their accomplishments. Free Arts gives these kids some of the tools they need to succeed and grow as well-rounded individuals.”

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