Art is a Force for Good

Free Arts Minnesota works with youth in challenging circumstances to support artistic and personal development through a unique combination of mentorship and arts learning.

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We strengthen communities by…

  • Partnering with social service agencies, community organizations, and local artists
  • Engaging underserved youth with the arts allowing creativity to drive learning
  • Building positive mentoring relationships
  • Expanding arts programming to under-resourced neighborhoods

Community Need in Hennepin and Ramsey Counties.

Tia is one young person among many in our community, that really need access to our programming. With your help, we can provide artistic expression and caring adult mentors for many more underserved youth.

67,000+ Youth live in poverty.
5,500 Children and young adults were identified as homeless in the Minneapolis public school system.
7,000 Children were the subject of maltreatment reports.
14,000 Children receive mental health services.

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Tia’s Story


“After the first two weeks in my junior year of school, I stopped attending. This was due to a severe social anxiety that had been building for years and finally reached the tipping point.”

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Even if you factor in some crossover in these numbers, there are still tens of thousands of children and young people who need our program.

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Arts Engage. Youth Express.

Through our programs, youth get to experience all forms of art—performance, music, poetry, visual—with the art projects serving as a vehicle to process tough issues and complex emotions. When our youth reflect on their art, we get snippets of insight into their circumstances. As this continues to happen over time, our youth feel more comfortable with creative expression and gain confidence in their skills.

3,929 Children Served
80% of Free Arts, youth have increased self-esteem and an increased sense of purpose.

Our Programs Increase

Through the activities of our programs, huge impact is made on the youth we serve. We are able to measure how our Core Weekly Mentorship program increases competence, confidence, connection and character. The outcome we strive for in all of our programs is a more positive contribution to self and society.

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Social CompetencyProblem SolvingAutonomySense Of Purpose

Marques’s Story


“After the first session I felt lighter and happier. Free Arts helped me to express my emotions, relieve stress, and deal with my depression and anxiety in a creative way.”

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