free arts Volunteer News October 2011

Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.

Scott Adams


Weekly mentorship starts strong

The 2011-2012 mentorship year is now up and running! Free Arts volunteers are serving youth age 3-20 at 44 local facilities including homeless shelters, domestic abuse shelters, recreation centers, schools, and residential treatment centers.

Therea Hall Team

While most of you are settled in already, and some are just getting situated, we encourage you to utilize staff as a resource for project ideas, answering questions, and support. We are having a great time visiting our fabulous mentor groups and love seeing the difference Free Arts volunteers are making!

Free Arts is excited to begin this year of expansion, and we couldn't have done it without YOU! Thank you for your committment to bringing the combination of art and positive relationships to at-risk children in our neighborhoods.

If you haven't already done so, add us on facebook. It is the perfect tool to connect with other mentors AND share our msision with your friends! Find us on Facebook

Program Update

Rituals and Routines Workshop

Thanks to all those who came out on a Sunday for the Rituals and Routines Workshop! Special thanks to Lindsey Woullet-Anderson and Esther Callahan for leading our mock sessions!

One of the greatest things about getting a bunch of mentors together is the discussion that evolves. Here are some tips that our returning mentors shared:

Be prepared to receive a reaction that is different than that which you expected.

If you lead a project that you think is going to be awesome, but it flops, don’t get down on yourself. You will learn how the youth will react as you begin to build relationships with them. Just be flexible and ready to learn.

Stick with your structure.

Especially when working with young groups, make sure that you maintain a similar structure throughout your mentor sessions. This means getting down your opening and closing rituals. Having consistency is key for success with your youth and mentor teams.

Use tricks to get youth listening.

If youth have become disengaged, use an attention getter such as clapping, flashing the lights, or raising your hand instead of talking over the chaos.

Remember to be relaxed and have fun! Take time to focus on your mentees and build those trusting relationships.

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10th Annual art heals! Breakfast

At this year’s Art Heals Breakfast, we will hear from a mentor and youth about the impact Free Arts has had in their lives, and we will have the treat of hearing singer/songwriter Chastity Brown perform a song with children from Northside Child Development Center.

Art Heals! Breakfast




Upcoming opportunities

mentor in maplewood!

Looking for another site to mentor at? Know someone who wants to get involved? We are looking for mentors willing to go to Maplewood Monday evenings.


Free Arts is looking for volunteers during the evenings of the first week in November for mini-mentorship sessions. Free Arts is partnering with the Northpoint Health and Wellness Center to bring the healing power of art to youth in North Minneapolis.


We are looking for people with connections to local religious organizations, schools, businesses and neighborhoods who are interested in helping recruit for the weekly mentorship program.

Calling Videographers

Do you have expertise in shooting and editing video? Free Arts has an ongoing need for volunteers to film our events.

If you are interested in helping Free Arts with any of these needs, please contact Rebecca.

Read our blog to find stories from other mentors!



.Mentor's Art Piece



A great place to check out what other creative people are making and find ideas for your mentor sessions!


This website will allow you to punch in the age, time frame, and theme and give you oodles of project ideas!


For information on how to keep youth of all ages safe while making art, read this article from MN Poison Control.

Project of the Month

Inspired by…


This project will allow artists to paint a picture inspired by Jean-Michel Basquiat’s (BAS – KI- AHT) artworks. Youth will think about the themes in Basquiat’s paintings, and about how these themes are reflected in their personal lives. They will express their ideas by way of one or more of the following Basquiat themes: HERITAGE, HEROES, VISUAL POETRY, JUSTICE & EQUALITY, ARTISTIC PROCESS, and CULTURAL IDENTITY.

For the complete project click here.

Our Community

Art on display at Franklin Bank

If you're in the neighborhood, check out Free Arts Minnesota's children's art on display at Franklin Bank.

525 Washington Ave No.
Minneapolis, MN 55401
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