free arts Volunteer News july 2011

Virtually every great accomplishment or movement was started by someone who believed passionately in something- and someone who believed passionately in that person.

–Margaret Warren


200 Volunteers needed!


Free Arts Minnesota needs your help more than ever to help us recruit new volunteers for the upcoming mentorship year. Here are some fun ways to help:

1. Create your own mentorship volunteer group! If you have friends or family interested in joining Free Arts, invite them onto your team and spend quality time together by making a difference in the lives of children. We have a wide variety of group times and places available.

2. Post a flier in your favorite local hang out! Click here to download and print a flier that you can hang in a coffee shop, at the library or anywhere else you think people might see it.

3. Like Free Arts Minnesota on facebook and share our calls for volunteers with your social network.

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4. Introduce Free Arts staff to your faith community, book club, artist group or company. We are always willing to come talk about Free Arts Minnesota! Contact Esther if you have anyone you'd like us to reach out to.

5. Share your volunteering stories with others! There's nothing more compelling than hearing someone else's experience working with Free Arts Minnesota youth. Simply sharing your story might generate a new volunteer.

If you refer a new mentor, please make sure that they include your name on their application. All volunteers who refer a new mentor to our program will be entered to win prizes made by local artists!

upcoming opportunities

Powderhorn Art Fair

On August 6th-7th, Free Arts Minnesota will be hosting a booth at the Powderhorn Art Fair at Powderhorn Park in Minneapolis. For more information about the event visit the website. We are looking for volunteers to help on the day of the event with selling merchandise, recruiting volunteers, booth set-up and take-down, and sharing information about Free Arts Minnesota. If you are available to help the day of the event, please contact Esther! Feel free to come and attend the event as well, stop by and say hi!



Our Community

Welcome Quendy Raymond!

Programs and Operations Manager Quendy Raymond

Free Arts Minnesota is pleased to introduce you to our new Programs and Operations Manager, Quendy Raymond. Quendy brings years of experience working with homeless children and families at Simpson Housing and was most recently Executive Director at Kaleidoscope, a new partner agency for Free Arts Minnesota. Please give Quendy a warm welcome when you meet her!

Our event at the Open Field at the Walker Art Center on Saturday July 9th was a huge success! We had great weather and an awesome turnout from Free Arts Minnesota volunteers and the community. There was plenty to do at the event including yoga, bullwhipping, an art swap and community art piece. Please see our Facebook page for pictures from the event!

Program Update

Bloomington Theater Arts Camp

Three girls during a theater performance

Free Arts Minnesota partnered with the Bloomington Theater Arts Center to provide a week-long theater camp for 35 kids from Northside Child Development Center. The kids worked on creating original plays, acting, costumes and set design. At the end of the week, we had the great pleasure of seeing their original work in the black box theater. It was an absolute blast! BRAVO to the kids at Northside, the wonderful Bloomington Theater Art Center staff and our volunteers who helped with the program.


youth art on display at franklin bank!

If you're in the neighborhood, check out Free Arts Minnesota's children's art on display at Franklin Bank.

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