free arts Volunteer News April 2011

"Art is the triumph over chaos." ~John Cheever


Volunteer Appreciation

Tie dye thank you






This week is National Volunteer Week.  National Volunteer Week is a time to celebrate people doing extraordinary things through service.  Free Arts Minnesota wants to thank ALL of our volunteers- 135 weekly mentors and 100’s more for special events- who dedicate themselves to taking action through the healing powers of artistic expression.  Our communities’ children are hugged by the faithful arms of you, the volunteer.

Thank You is not big enough to describe how we feel about all of our volunteers.  We know volunteers don’t get paid, not because they are worthless, but because they are priceless.  As far as Free Arts Minnesota is concerned, all of our volunteers are love in motion and deserve to know that we thank you daily for providing a safe, fun environment for our communities’ children to grow and heal.

We want to thank you in person on May 21st!

Volunteer Appreciation Event hosted by the Mentor to Mentor Committee!  Come and listen to live music, while enjoying a cold beverage on the rooftop of our building!  Other fun things will be happening, but you will have to come to find out!

When:  May 21st, 2011

Time: 4:00-6:00pm

Where:  Free Arts Office- The Wyman Building  400 1st Ave N, MPLS, MN 55401 on the rooftop!

Why:  To say Thanks!   Space is limited for this event, so please RSVP to Esther as soon as possible to ensure your spot for this event.

BIg Thanks!

Yen Chi

We owe a big thanks to Yen-Ying Chee a local jewelry and interior designer who has dedicated her life to the arts. Her business is dedicated to giving back to the local community by partnering with a chosen charitable organization that touches her personally- and she chose Free Arts Minnesota! Yen has been inspired to design a new necklace called the Hope Necklace that the proceeds are going directly to Free Arts to help us reach even more children.

Mentor TIPs

As our Weekly Mentorship Program is ending in little over a month, it is important to start thinking about how you want to close the relationship with the youth you see each week. Having closure to a relationship is an important step for both mentors and children.

Three Steps for Healthy Closure:

1.) Be Open. With the final week of mentorship drawing near, we want the kids and everyone involved to feel prepared to say goodbye. It is best not to let the last day sneak up on the group, so talk about it! Remind the kids that you have only “2 more days” or “3 more sessions” together.

2.) Be Real. Do not make promises you cannot keep.Children need to understand that they may not see you again but that they can always keep the memory of your time together (and their art projects) in their heart and you will do the same.

3.) Reflect and Celebrate! Celebrate the joys and successes of your time together!Allow time for each participant to think about and share their favorite memories.

Throw a dance party, go outside (with permission!), have some fun snacks (check for allergies!), put up a special gallery display, make art for each other, hand out keepsakes, many ways to celebrate.

Let the kids know that you have enjoyed building friendships with them and that all of your memories will live on.


Our Community

May Day parade

On May 1st, Free Arts Minnesota will be partnering with In the Heart of the Beast Mask and Puppet Theater at the May Day Festival at Powderhorn Park in Minneapolis! This is an intimate art festival that provides the community a place to share their voice through art. Free Arts as a part of the community, gets to share our mission by hosting an informational booth. We are looking for energetic volunteers to spread the Free Arts mission to the 50,000 potential visitors. If you are interested in a fun, art-filled experience please contact Rebecca.

Mentor to Mentor Committee Logo

Our Mentor to Mentor Committee has planned another fun event for our mentors to get together and socialize for a dinner and a public arts workshop on Tuesday, April 19th from 6:00pm-9:00pm. This will take place at the Midotwn Global Market and In the Heart of the Beast Theater, both on Lake Street. This will be a fun time for mentors to enjoy each other's company, enjoy ethnic foods from around the world, and to engage in a unique art medium for a community celebration. You can come for dinner, the workshop or both, just let us know in your RSVP. Feel free to bring your kids, spouse, that special someone, or a friend—ALL are welcome and NO experience is required! We look forward to seeing you at this event!

Intern With Free Arts

Have you ever thought about interning with Free Arts Minnesota? We are looking for summer interns now. For more information, or to apply click here.


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FEATURED PROJECT: peace cranes

In Japan, Peace Cranes are a sign of hope. One of our mentors thought that it would be a great idea for our Free Arts Mentorship groups to tie making peace cranes into a project for our sister school in Tsukuba, Japan to show our support after all of the tragedy that has happened their recently. Here is a template for the peace cranes. If your group is interested in participating, all you need to do is contact Esther with the following information:peace crane

1. Your Name
2. Your Site name and day/time you meet
3. When you can drop of the cranes in the office
4. If you need supplies

This is a great opportunity for our groups to help the people of Japan heal through their traumas, much like the children we are serving.

Free arts days recap

Volunteer and child at a Free Arts Day

We have had two very successful Free Arts Days in the past month. The first took place in March and was sponsored by Lifetouch International at Mary’s Place. The second was sponsored by our very own Free Arts Board of Directors and took place at People Serving People. We also have one planned for this coming Saturday, April 16th sponsored by The Junior League of Minneapolis at Mary’s Place. Talk about a lot of Free Arts Days! Thank you so much to all of our volunteers and sponsors who have allowed us to reach hundreds of children with the healing power of art in the past month. We are still seeking volunteers for ths Saturday. Contact Esther for more information.